Our core competencies include environmental consultation, remediation, and hazardous waste management. The real benefit of a relationship is our ability to plan and implement efficient, compliant and cost-effective solutions that are compliant and economical on behalf of our clients.

Applied Technology, Inc.’s Services:

› Project Management

› Environmental Consultation and Project Management

› Quality Assurance Plans

› Regulatory Liaison

› Soil and Groundwater Remediation Systems

› Sampling & Analysis of / for Contaminants

› Removal of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)/Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs), Sumps, and Oil-Water Separators

› Facility Decontamination

› Excavation & Disposal of Contaminated Soil

› Hazardous Waste Management & Waste Minimization

› Asbestos Assessments & Sampling

› Lead Inspections

› Remediation

Applied Technology, Inc. Also Offers:

› Chemists and Environmental Engineers On-Site

› Characterization, Profiling, and Manifesting of Waste Streams

› Lab-Packaging

› Packaging in Compliance with DOT and EPA Regulations

› Waste Minimization Consultation

› Safe, Reliable Transportation of Waste Streams

› Treatment, Recycling or Permanent Disposal of Waste Streams

› Documentation / Reporting

› Prompt Reaction Time

› Recycling