Applied Technology, Inc. is an innovative organization, specializing in the economics of hazardous waste management. We’ve been serving the environmental needs of government agencies throughout most of North America for over 20 years.

Examples of agencies the company has extensive experience performing projects for include:

› U.S. Executive Branch (Camp David)

› U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Air National Guard)

› U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Region V)

› U.S. Department of the Interior (Fish and Wildlife Services)

› State of Indiana

› City of Indianapolis (Department of Public Works)

› Kentucky ( Louisville / Jefferson County) Redevelopment Authority

The company has dedicated a specific “Services Group” of staff professionals and retained service providers specifically to address the challenges of governmental agencies. Our core competencies include environmental consultation and services on behalf of governmental agencies, related to hazardous waste management, including characterization, recycling, minimization, transportation and disposal. We also possess extensive remediation experience.

Our primary service offerings are provided to local, state or federal governmental agencies that require specific contracted projects, where:

› Prior acceptable ratings and experience are required

The real benefit of a relationship is our ability to implement efficient and cost-effective waste management solutions that are compliant and economical on behalf of our governmental clients.

Our approach to providing consultation and implementation services is to apply our understanding of regulatory requirements and best environmental practices, while performing onsite consultation, operations and investigations that are comprehensive and thorough.