The real value we bring to every client relationship is our broad talent base and extensive environmental industry experience.

We have developed our own unique process implementation models and combined them with innovative technologies that are integrated with our project management systems. This allows us to offer you the most efficient, compliant and cost-effective solutions available.

Our Environmental Consulting Services Include:

› Environmental Compliance Audits

› Pollution Prevention Studies

› Permit Development & Reporting

› Measurement & Monitoring

Environmental Consulting Services

In today’s complex regulatory environment, Applied Technology, Inc. has a proven track record for successfully preventing and assisting with compliance issues. We have experienced and understand the challenges associated with complying with a variety of environmental regulatory requirements. This is why we put an emphasis on compliance auditing, pollution prevention and quality improvements to prevent compliance problems from occurring. Applied Technology, Inc. offers the following services to assist our clients with their compliance issues:

Environmental Compliance Audits

Applied Technology, Inc. takes a systematic approach to designing, planning and conducting audits/assessments. We typically begin by gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s goals and operations and then evaluate the compliance risks they may encounter. Audits and document reviews are conducted based on the current system and possible corrective actions, and management plans are developed for improving compliance and efficiency.

Pollution Prevention Studies

First, we will review each of the organization’s processes to identify opportunities for pollution prevention and/or replacement of hazardous materials. Applied Technology, Inc. will then identify sound, cost-effective pollution prevention measures, and then work to incorporate these measures into the organization’s structure. We will also provide the necessary background studies and plans to support the client’s efforts to integrate pollution prevention into their organization.

Permit Development & Reporting

Applied Technology, Inc. provides comprehensive support for environmental permitting, including identifying permit needs, reviewing applications for completeness, and documenting compliance results. We also offer a wide range of professional environmental reporting services, such as: Community Right to Know, TRI, RCRA and NPDES.

Measurement & Monitoring

Applied Technology, Inc. provides its clients source monitoring, sampling for regulatory compliance, real-time monitoring and method development. We will conduct equipment installation, troubleshooting, operation and data evaluation for routine repeat monitoring requirements. Applied Technology, Inc. also offers quality assurance/quality control support services such as third-party field audits for monitoring efforts. We can also provide compliance monitoring in conjunction with regulatory entities to protect the interests of your organization.

Project Experience:

Applied Technology, Inc. was contracted to assist several local drinking water supply districts to define supply basins in response to a history of non-compliance with Federal Drinking Water Standards. We identified the source of contamination and instituted controls and changes to the water treatment system to bring each treatment plant into compliance.

Applied Technology, Inc. wrote a storm water management plan for one facility and provided storm water monitoring. Initial monitoring identified several problem areas and Applied Technology, Inc. provided solutions to raw materials/waste storage that resulted in compliance. We also assisted the facility in responding to violations stemming from discharges from their WWTP. The operation and discharge of the plant were monitored under all conditions and manufacturing operations. The problem was identified, and changes were made to the manufacturing processes and the WWTP that brought the facility into compliance.

Applied Technology, Inc. assisted two small manufacturing facilities institute an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System so they could continue to supply parts to a major automobile manufacturer. We got the ISO 14001 system in place six weeks ahead of schedule and they were certified on the first attempt. Changes implemented by the ISO 14001 system allowed the facility to save approximately $25,000 annually in waste management and disposal costs.

Applied Technology, Inc. was contracted to conduct an initial survey of a property, including the identification of the storm water outfalls emanating from the facility. The survey identified eight outfalls widely spaced on three sides of the 45-acre manufacturing complex. We coordinated the collection of volume-weighted samples from all eight outfalls during a single storm event lasting four hours. Our approach lead to a cost savings for the facility, and allowed the client to meet the filing deadline for their permit application.

Applied Technology, Inc. conducted a Phase I Site Assessment of an abandoned manufacturing facility. Previous site investigations failed to identify the significance of metals groundwater contamination and failed to identify a RCRA Corrective Action involving plating sludge at a neighboring facility. Ground water monitoring by Applied Technology, Inc. concluded that the metals contamination was emanating from the location of the former HWMU.