Applied Technology, Inc. is an innovative organization with over 20 years of experience throughout most of North America specializing in the economics of hazardous waste management.

The company’s core competencies include environmental consultation and services in hazardous waste management, including characterization, minimization, transportation and disposal. We also possess extensive remediation experience. The real benefit of a relationship is our ability to implement efficient and cost-effective waste management solutions that are compliant and economical on behalf of our clients.

Applied Technology, Inc.’s typical clients are governmental agencies and environmental consulting and engineering firms. Firms that are confronting unique environmental challenges related to managing, minimizing and disposal of their hazardous waste streams in a manner that is compliant to all local, state and federal environmental laws and regulations.

Through the utilization of technology and innovation, Applied Technology, Inc. has developed an outstanding reputation for implementing unique environmental solutions that garner the best resources in the industry and apply them toward solving each client’s unique problems and challenges. Our proven hazardous waste management capabilities, supported by consultation, implementation, documentation and detailed reporting processes, presents each client with specific environmental solutions that offer the best practices, most effective results and lowest possible expense related to their particular requirements.

The real value Applied Technology, Inc. brings to every relationship is our broad waste industry experience combined with our ability to offer cost-effective services that adhere to each client’s defined processes. The company has also developed its own unique process and implementation capabilities and united them with innovative technologies that are integrated with our project management systems. This allows us to offer the most competent hazardous waste management solutions available.

After over 20 years of successfully providing unique solutions to countless organizations with a wide range of challenges, we have developed relationships with numerous transportation and disposal organizations throughout North America. These relationships, combined with favorable pricing because of the large volume of waste streams we manage, enable us to utilize the best hazardous waste service providers available.

In essence, we become an organization’s advocate, ensuring their unique environmental challenges are always met and that they are always compliant, as cost effectively as possible. Because we are specialists in the economics of hazardous waste management, we have learned to save our clients both time and money, and know through experience that our ability to understand your bottom line is what really differentiates us from all the rest.